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Lack of engagement. It costs in productivity.

Poor collaboration in teams. It costs in lower quality of deliverables and client relationships.

Sick leave and quiet quitting. It costs salary and additional recruiting.

I help companies with employee wellbeing. The result is clear.

More focus and productivity. 

More collaboration and better deliveries.

More presence and higher retention. 

Corporate wellbeing programs

With people spend such a significant portion of their daily lives at work, the working environment - both the physical and psychological setting individuals navigate - becomes an important element of their well-being.

Companies that prioritize well-being and employee satisfaction in the workplace create the conditions for a successful experience for both employees and the company itself. In an environment where individuals thrive both physically and mentally, creativity and productivity flourish.

The daily lives of employees can be hectic, and it can be challenging to navigate the numerous responsibilities both at work and in their personal lives. Physical and mental well-being require a conscious effort from both employees and the company.

However, the benefits are plentiful: individuals have more energy, and the company benefits from more productive employees.

With my company's offerings, I support businesses that prioritize the well-being of their employees. For the sake of the employees. And for the sake of the company.

the employee

Inspire awareness

1. Inspiring through awareness


I offer presentations and workshops on the subjects linked to well-being.

Typical subjects include:

  • Stress less, live more: stress management techniques

  • More wellness at and outside the office

  • Create a mentally and physically healthier life: get started and get sustainable results

Create change

2. Creating
real change


Coaching for single employees or groups.

Through coaching I guide you to take concrete steps toward healthier lifestyle choices, which result in higher energy levels to handle life obligations and relationships both at and outside the office.

Exercise at work

3. Increasing energy and creativity


Exercise can reduce stress, increase energy levels and boost creativity.

I offer onsite functional training in the form of:

  • Functional training in the morning or Power hour at lunchtime

  • Ad-hoc 'team building' training-based activities

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