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How to make change happen

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

A simple guide to reaching your health goals and more.

It just hit me: I am going to participate to the World Championship in weightlifting. This is huge, and it really had me thinking: how did I even get here?

Read my story on how I went from never having been at a gym to qualifying to the world championship and learn how to get your transformation journey started.

Set a goal and start off

Full disclosure: I never had a goal of making it to the world championship. My goal was simply to get into better shape without having to jog under the rain that kept pouring during the summer of 2017.

This is how I started CrossFit. There was a good offer at the gym next door and I thought I would give it a shot, at least until I found something more interesting.

I showed up at my first training feeling totally green and slightly intimidated by all the strong women and men around. I would certainly never get as strong, but maybe I would loose a couple of kilos or feel more comfortable with my mid line. Not an ambitious goal, but still a goal, and it was enough to getting me started.

Bring awareness

It did not take me long to realize that I very much enjoyed training. I had fun, I felt challenged and, most importantly, after the sessions I would feel energized, focused and ready to take the day. My day would simply feel better, if I started it at the gym.

This lead me to a simple but powerful realization: if I do it every day, I will feel energized every day. And so I did.

Keep showing up

That realization is what kept me going. Over time there has definitely been days and periods where I did not feel like training, however I kept showing up with whatever little or much I had. Interestingly, the more my body started recognizing at an experiential level what it meant to feel good, the more it also started requiring feeling good. I built awareness.

Today my body simply knows how it deserves to feel and it requires nothing less.

The bottom line

Back to the World Championship. So how did I even qualify?

I could tell you about my training, about how I got attracted to weightlifting after CrossFit, about the people I met and the people that left, the injuries and the circumstances. However, the answer is much simpler.

How did I qualify? Simply by building awareness to what made me good and making it a priority every single day. It has not been a sprint, but rather a journey made by small steps taken one day at the time.

This journey has brought me so much more than just a qualification to a competition. It brought body and mind awareness, it brought self development and a life filled with more energy and presence. This is why I truly believe in the power of small lifestyle changes and their potential to change your life.

If you want to discuss implementing some changes in your lifestyle and, ultimately, reaching your Health and Lifestyle goals, you can simply reach out to me today.

I would love to hearing from you!

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